According to Italian legislation, harbour towage is a general interest, public service provided to anyone who requests it, at any time of the day or night, at rates predetermined by relevant authority. The purpose of the service is to guarantee safe navigation within harbour and costal waters. The main activities include towing and general assistance (pulling, pushing, escorting) to facilitate the berthing and mooring operations of ship calling and leaving from ports and other landing places. Under both adverse and normal weather conditions the tugboat is essential to ensure the safe maneuvering of ships within the tight confines of harbour waters, near port infrastructure and between other ships either in transit or waiting. The tugboat is guarateed to be “ready to take action” at anytime (always available 24 hours a day), thus acting as a guardian to ensure the safety of marine trasportation. The towing service guarantees the efficient and safe operation of passenger and cargo traffic and bunker supplies. The towing service also provides emergency assistance – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – in the event of emergencies occurring within the harbour and in the waters just beyond the port limits. Therefore, the tugboat service is an indispensable tool at the disposal of the maritime authorities.